Essentials for a Pesticide-Free Office

On average, an American person spends more than 1800 hours in their workplace every year. It is therefore critical that the place where such a significant amount of time is spent should be clean and healthy. This keeps employees happy and the workflow steady. Working in an unhealthy environment full of dirt and pests can lead to a loss in business. Staff will prefer not working in the office and even lack energy while they are at work. This will result in loss of productivity as well as a decrease in manpower over some time.

The presence of harmful pests and other microorganisms lead to disturbances and distractions at work. Minor absenteeism due to the filthy workplace may not sound very serious but when you receive mass resignation, you will be forced to take action. You should prevent such situations and opt for pest control services.

Pest control is the activity performed to regulate and prevent pesticides. Pesticides are part of the animal family and can cause various harmful effects on humans. Human beings, in turn, respond to such effects depending on how severe the effect is. The reciprocation of human beings will range from toleration to prevention and eradication. You can contact a St. Charles commercial pest control to get a pest-free office campus as a part of strategic pest management.

Office Essential Activities

Pests are usually not initially born inside the office. Most of the time they are borne by employees and objects brought into the office. They are either borne by employees from their homes or they are sometimes air and water-borne as well. Later they grow due to the negligence of the people who are working on the campus.

There are some simple measures you can take up to control the rise of such organisms. You just have to make sure that everyone around is conscious enough of the adverse-effect pesticides can cause. Here is a list of such simple measures.

  1. Open Food Containers

Pesticides and harmful bacteria and virus are highly attracted to any food materials. Some of us have a habit of binging while working. To eat and also complete our work, we tend to keep food packets and containers open at all times. This will attract pesticides which will not only contaminate the office interiors but is extremely harmful to human health.

  1. Cleaning Trash

Hygienic work stations should be the number one concern to achieve a clean and healthy workplace. Make sure there are no wrappers and open food containers lying down on the workstation. Food smells can attract pesticides and so the work stations, as well as all the dustbins on the work floor, should be cleaned every day.

  1. Recycling Bins

Before dumping anything in the recycling bins, make sure they are at least rinsed well. The residue particles of food and liquids attract flies and insects.

  1. Clean as you Spill

Make sure the place is scrubbed and cleaned if there is any kind of food or beverage spilling on the work surface. This will otherwise welcome ants, rodents, and cockroaches.

  1. Be Alert

Do not ignore even the smallest of maintenance problems you see around your workplace. This includes any kind of cracks or leakage or dirt of any kind.

Here is a simple list of the do’s and don’ts to make sure you are working in a healthy workplace. There should be daily cleaning and regular pest control in every office.