Sadigh Gallery-Facts About Ancient Art & How to Spot A Fake Artifact!

Have you ever wandered down the corridors of galleries and museums and wondered how the curators and experts here are able to recognize authentic works of ancient art? Professionals in the field say that there are several forgeries in the field and so when an ancient art piece is brought in it needs to be sent to the laboratory for further testing. Art curators often have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the identification of fake paintings primarily because they conduct a lot of scholarly research in the field. Museum conservators also need to be equipped with in-depth knowledge of ancient art so that they are able to spot fakes coming in!

Sadigh Gallery- how can you determine real ancient art?

Sadigh Gallery is a reputed and famous gallery in New York. The experts here are often consulted when it comes to the identification of real ancient art pieces. They state that when you are looking for pieces of ancient art, it is crucial for you to ensure that it is tested in a good lab first. Apparently, there are some pieces of ancient art that appear real however when investigated further you find they are fake. There are cases where real pieces of ancient art are sent to the lab as the museum conservator wants to find out more about its construction so that it can be restored in the correct way.

Caution needs to be exercised always

If you check out pieces of ancient art and artifacts, you will find most of them are priceless and very fragile. The testing and investigation modes and techniques have to gentle enough not to destroy the piece. The experts state that the materials that come to the lab might be from any age and material. They can be of various shapes and sizes. They may be small as a coin or as large as a statute. This is why when testing is done, only a very small piece of the artifact is tested.

Anything can be a forgery – items as well as ancient paintings

The experts go ahead and state that most of the time people believe that ancient paintings are forgeries. However, this is not true. Anything can be forged. For instance, there are cases where even pottery from China has been forged. Not all of them however are intentional. The specialists add that when you are looking for authentic artifacts and ancient art, it is crucial to send them to the labs first for investigation as there are some surface marks that might not be clear and visible to the eye.

Therefore, in order to investigate the origins of an artifact or piece of ancient art, sending it to specialists is a prudent choice. There are techniques that no not destroy the condition of the ancient piece of art or the artifact used in these laboratories say the experts of Sadigh Gallery . They are safe and will assure you of the fact on whether the piece is real or fake!