What is not really recommended to do?

It is highly not recommended to have any other account with the same identity and this is for obvious reasons as it can really cause problems with two people selling the same product coming from the same house. Any other reason can be low performance of the product which fails to match the target amount and is not really performing well in the market. Even on the closed accounts there is a prohibition with using multiple seller accounts at Amazon. Do read the rules and regulations of each agreement page of Amazon in order to not violate any of them and getting your account for amazon suspension in return.

amazon suspensionThere are certain reasons why the amazon selling accounts are blocked or  amazon suspension and some of the same are mentioned below:

Due to the performance issues the amazon customer metrics fails to meet with the targets.

Another reason can be violations of the selling policies for the product specifically and segment:

Having another Amazon account that is in the same locale with two Amazon listing identities is not really recommended at all. This very problem can trip people up when they are selling which happens sometimes especially if they have multiple person selling from the different accounts living in the same house. If the child or spouse is also access Amazon from a common home IP address. You both sell from multiple accounts it might just get flagged as a dual account with Amazon.

The maintenance and operation of multiple seller account remains prohibited at Amazon as they will also monitor the IP address on the closed accounts also.

Any sort of violation of the Amazon Price Parity clause that is clearly written in the Amazon Policies & Agreements. One should really pay attention on every minute detail that is mentioned in the Agreement. There are basic state of clause that a merchant is required to maintain a price parity between the product that a seller is offering through the other selling channels which can be person websites, eBay, other selling sites etc. and the product that is on the Amazon list. This comes with consideration of the shipping charges, discounts and refunds that is included in the final price of the product. However, this does not mean that a person cannot have different prices for the same product at any other selling channel.