Essential Travel Tips for Patient Taking Medical Marijuana

Traveling can be stressful for anyone; there’s a possibility of crowded roadways, airports, change in daily routine, flight delays, and driving in unfamiliar places. But if you’re a patient that needs aid by medical marijuana due to several health conditions such as cancer, chronic pains, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy, traveling can be more than just a stressful venture.

You might be thinking if it’s legal to bring medical marijuana during your travel, or if it’s safe to drive or fly alongside with your condition. Or perhaps, you might wonder what to do if you experience worsening symptoms of your condition. Don’t let your health condition and medication stop you from traveling.

Consider following these tips below to have healthy adventures.

1. Get Your Physician’s Approval

Before traveling, make sure that your physician knows where you’re going and whether if the place is safe for you. Your physician’s permission to travel may vary depending on your current health status and the place where you’re going. Other locations are off-limits because some of them are too risky for your health condition. When you experience complications from medical treatment such as cancer, for example, you might need to hold your trip until your physician cleared you. Also, the timing can be different for every patient. For example, a remote location may have limited medical care that you might need in case of an emergency happen.

Medical Marijuana Card

2. Take Extra Safety Measure at Airport 

You may carry any hemp-derived CBD medication in carry-on bags or checked bags, but always make sure to label them. Bring enough medication to last through your entire trip, and extra medicine just in case your flight got delayed.

TSA or Transportation Security Authority allows medication or products that contain CBD substance that is approved by the FDA as legal to be traveled in a carry-on or checked bags. And as long as the medication was created under the Agriculture Improvement Act in 2018.

Also, TSA recommends every patient to make clear labeling on any medication in pill or on a solid form. Your medication will undergo visual X-ray screening and might be tested for any traces of explosives. It is also advisable to bring Medical Marijuana Card for extra security measures which send a signal to the authority that you’re a registered medical marijuana patient.

3. Do not Try to Fly While Bringing Medical Marijuana 

Yes, you may air travel your hemp-derived CBD medication, but flying with medical marijuana internationally and domestically can be risky. Even if you have a Medical Marijuana Card or you’re a registered marijuana patient in your homeland or the state you’re traveling to, airport authorities can still arrest you under the federal drug trafficking law. Unfortunately, it is federally illegal for someone to possess marijuana and other cannabis-infused medicine such as CBD oil at the airport.

Do not bring any of your medical marijuana with you if you’re planning to travel outside the US. According to UPG (United Patients Group), a medical cannabis organization for doctors and patients, it is not a good idea to travel your medical marijuana medication internationally. Not unless you’re willing to take the risk of being arrested or detained.

Instead, you may research where and how to buy medical marijuana in the place you’ll be visiting. But be sure that the place you’re planning to visit can legally sell medical marijuana.