Brands that you should not consider while buying used cars

If you are buying a used car then you should be checking about reliability. According to reviews of most people, these vehicles were rated as high in quality initially but after a few years of use for around 20,000 miles they are not worth reselling. These are theĀ used cars in SeviervilleĀ that you should not consider buying. These are the poorest models of used cars in the past decade.

  1. Town and Country model of Chrysler: the new minivan car of Chrysler is far better as compared to Town and Country. Pacifica is a good option to consider. According to the reviews of consumers, the reliability of the Town and Country model is quite bad as compared to other minivans of the brand. The vehicle is rated below average by users.
  2. BMW X5: Before the year 2014, when the X5 model was redesigned, there were several reliability issues with the car. So it is not advisable to buy a used car in Sevierville which is an old model of X5. It had issues such as defective fuel systems, faulty climate control, and engine parts having issues. It is best to avoid models of the year 2011 and 12 completely. There are issues even with the models of 2013-14 too.
  3. Ford Fiesta: Ford produced compact cars that had several run issues in the year between 2011-14. Nine models of Ford were shown as having reliability issues but the worst performance was given by small cars of the Blue Oval Segment. Primary issues were designed around body integrity, audio system, and transmission.
  4. Ram 1500: pickup trucks of Detroit 1500 scored well for the worth of results for the decade between 2007-16. But after review from consumers, there were few weak spots. The 2016 and 2014 models got this rating and very bad reliability scores. Heavy-duty models from 2012, 14, and 15 also got poor ratings because of poor power components and brake systems in these trucks.

These are the used cars that you should not consider buying.