Factors which influence Opal Stone Price

Opal has ample of variations which consist of hues, designs, origins, and brightness. Opal has a complex classification mechanism for the purpose of valuation which is much more difficult than diamonds or any other kind of gemstones.

Mentioned below are of the factors which influence the Opal Stone Price. Over the years there are various guidelines developed on how to ascertain the prices of opal while you Buy Opal Stone Online. Let us explore them out.


Color is the foremost thing that one should observe regarding opal. Red is the rarest of all. The order of superiority is red, then organs, green, blue and purple. Opal is never found in a single color. It is essential to ascertain which color dominates the rest. While you move ahead to BuyOpal Gemstone Online look for the most dominant color to ascertain the prices.

Density and intensity of hues are also essential to ascertain the prices. The thickness of the color bars can support to boost up the majestic appearance of opal.

Direction of color

Opal is a kind of gemstone which undergoes several color alterations depending on the angle at which opal is viewed at. When the opal is very vivid, it is known as “facing”. The direction of colors should be considered while you Buy Opal Online as it will ascertain how flexible the opal is.


Opals which posses to have rare and exclusive patterns are very valuable. The Harlequin design is the most remarkable and rarest pattern in opals. A true harlequin design is a type of mosaic broad design, with an angular close-set of hues.

Some of the rarest and unique patterns of opal are Rainbow, Block, Rolling flash, Board flash, Pinfire, Mackerel, and Honeycomb. Opals that do not have any pattern belongs to lower price range.

Body Tone

The guide for body tone of opal was given by the Opal Association Of Australia, particularly for Black opal and boulder opals. It is now being used for all opals across the globe. Opals, for this reason, are bifurcated into nine categories ranging from N1 to N2. N1 is the darkest of all and N9 is the lightest.

  • Black opal is usually highly priced and has body tone of N1 to N4
  • Opals with N5 to N6 are accounted as semi-black or dark opal
  • Body tone N7 to N9 is known as crystal opals.


There are 7 bifurcations for brightness ratings of opal with B1 being the brightest and B7 is the dullest. The brightest opal is highly valued.


Opals of oval shapes are accounted to be more expensive than the other free-form, apart from boulder opal where free-form is considered to be desirable. The shape of the opal ascertains how flexible it is. Oval stones usually come in best faces of hues and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Potch lines and inclusions should not be confused with cracks. A crack line generally reflects light and devalues the worth of opal. A potch line does not reflect light, and these opals are usually valued lower but can be used to make artistic image designs. Some opals possess to have vegetation designs from inclusion.

Opal field source

The wholesalers may not consider this factor but the trade chain has the goodwill of generating premium quality rough that produces top-notch stones. This generally happens in Ethiopian and Australian opal fields.  The depth of the mine also causes an impact on the value of opal. In the trade, this can be an essential element for repeat clients. If you figure out a seller having particular stocks that you desire, it is ideal to buy Opal Stone Online from that group.

Natural or treated

Natural opals always fetch higher prices compared to treated ones. Smoked or treated Ethiopian crystal opal is present in the market which resembles black opal. One should consider that this treatment is temporary. Before buying opalstone online one should consider whether it is natural or treated to figure out its right price.

Country of origin

Australia is the leading producer of the most expensive opals in the world. Most of the countries now generate good quality of opals like Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico.