All About A CUCKOO Multi-Pressure Cooker And Why Do You Need One

Unlike the pressure cookers that you might own decades ago, the multi-pressure cooker these days are much safer and easier to use. There’s no more need for you to worry about exploding when using a pressure cooker! If you do not own the modern-day CUCKOO multi pressure cooker yet, then you are missing out.

How To Choose A Multi-Cooker

Aside from Cuckoo, you might have seen plenty of multi cookers in the market these days. But before buying one, there are some factors that you have to take into consideration. Here is a buying guide that can help you when choosing the best multi cooker for your home:

  • Your multi cooker should be able to cook any kind of rice.
  • It should sustain a high boiling point for pressure cooking.
  • Make sure you choose a cooker with a non-contact heating method.
  • Your multi cooker should offer a shorter heating time.
  • Multi-cooker should have impressive resistance both to heat and pressure.
  • Should have a non-stick inner pot for easy cleaning.
  • Should come with adequate safety features.

Why Choose CUCKOO Multi-Pressure Cooker

Easy Cooking

With a multi-pressure cooker, you can effortlessly achieve a variety of flavors. This is programmed and developed for over 30 years. Its smart algorithms make it easier for you to adjust the power and the pressure level to your preferred type of cooking. It has been revealed that there are over 300 recipes that you can make using the Cuckoo’s smart algorithm technology.

Pressure Cooking

Now, you can have faster and tastier cooking. This feature will not only reduce your cooking by up to 70% but also save you time and energy usage. It can also heat food evenly which makes it more nutritious and more flavorful because the minerals stay undissolved. The high temperatures can also eliminate harmful microorganisms, thus reducing aflatoxin concentrations to a safer level.

Multi-Pressure Cooker

3D Heating Technology

With the Cuckoo multi-pressure cooker, it uses induction heating technology that heats food with radio frequency electricity from the induction heating zone of the pot. This makes the pot act as the heating element so that food will be cooked more evenly, heating food quickly up to 20% faster.

Non-Stick Coating Technology

The Cuckoo multi-pressure cookers’ inner pot is coated with SK-FLON coating that will keep the food from contamination with harmful substances like aluminum. It will also prevent the rice from sticking to the walls of the pot.

Intelligent Voice Activation System

It seems like every appliance that we have these days are voice activated. The Cuckoo multi-pressure cooker also has this smart feature. It even has different languages available to give you a better cooking experience.

Even though there are plenty of names in the market who promises to have the best multi cooker for your needs, always choose the brand that everyone trusts – CUCKOO. Always purchase from reputable makers to make sure that the parts can be obtained easily in case it needs to be repaired.