Advanced Wound Care Practices in Dallas

Wound care specialist Dr. Autumn Savage is the best at what she does. At Wound Evolution, she works alongside other team members to give patients solutions to their wound problems. If you are within Texas, do not hesitate to contact the compassionate specialists for comprehensive wound care.

About the Practice

At Wound Evolution, qualified experts make it possible for patients to receive a proactive, holistic, and advanced approach to wound care. You can access their services in three strategic locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas, and Overland Park, Kansas.

Walking into Wound Evolution, patients are welcomed by a team of adequately trained and proficient wound care specialists and providers. Your devoted providers diligently work towards understanding your individual needs, offer in-depth diagnosis, and formulate personalized care plans. Their treatments target quick wound healing, preventing amputations, and limb preservation.

Wound Evolution providers have vast expertise in providing wound care such as bone infections, diabetic ulcers and wounds, surgical wounds, chronic wounds, pilonidal cysts, and venous and arterial ulcers. Their treatment areas include compression therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, wound debridement, and bioengineered skin grafts.

Services Offered

You can contact the specialists at Wound Evolution for various top practices. Your compassionate providers regularly offer numerous treatments, including:

  • Diabetic Ulcers Specialist- Almost 15% of individuals living with diabetes experience diabetic ulcers. Absent timely intervention, ulcers may get infected, demanding surgical intervention, or even amputation. Contact Wound Evolution for safe, practical treatments for diabetic ulcers.
  • Infected Wound Specialist- An infection is the most severe condition you might develop from a wound. Other than preventing healing, infections may cause tissue damage leading to skin and bone infections. Your providers at Wound Evolution focus on the prevention and treatment of infected wounds to safeguard your health.
  • Wound Care Specialist- Non-healing wounds are painful and prevent you from enjoying your daily activities. In worse cases, chronic wounds may give rise to severe complications such as amputation and bone infections. At Wound Evolution, expert doctors take proactive steps to speed up your wound healing.
  • Bone Infection Specialist- Persons living with chronic conditions such as kidney failure or diabetes risk developing a bone infection. If you suspect having this condition, contact Wound Evolution for a thorough diagnosis and advanced treatment to ease your symptoms.
  • Venous Leg Ulcers Specialist- Venous ulcers can be dangerous and are exceptionally difficult to heal. Your skillful team at Wound Evolution provides holistic wound care that incorporates innovative therapies to heal your venous leg ulcer.
  • Wound Debridement Specialist- Wound debridement is a general term for several procedures to eliminate unwanted materials from your wound. Foreign debris, dead tissue, and other impurities in a wound affect healing and lead to infection. Turn to the experts at Wound Evolution to debride a wound and prevent further complications.
  • Chronic Wounds Specialist- You must seek medical attention swiftly if you develop one or multiple chronic wounds. If ignored, chronic wounds can be fatal, exposing you to more severe complications. If you suspect this condition, contact Wound Evolution experts for effective diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds.

Wound care is vital to your overall good health. To receive exceptional wound care treatment from a dedicated team of providers, contact Wound Evolution experts. Call their offices, or make use of the convenient online booking tool.