Why Chose Glasses Over Other Alternatives for Vision Correction

Eyeglasses are one of the best ways to improve your visual acuity when you have myopia or astigmatism. One way to have the best glasses is by having an eye examination by your ophthalmologist in Jacksonville, FL.  Wolchok Eye Associates appreciates that having the correct glasses improves your eyesight and your overall looks.

How to get glasses prescriptions

Your eye doctor must first determine you have an eye issue. Therefore, before you can wear any glasses, you will need an eye examination. A comprehensive eye test includes charts, which have various levels that tell the correct lenses needed to correct your vision.

However, in any eye test, you are the driver; your eye doctor trusts that you will make the correct reading on the charts to have lenses fit for your eye problem. Further examinations will also look for other issues such as astigmatism and toric, which also need special lenses to correct. In the end, Wolchok Eye Associates, PA will fit the right lenses in a pair of frames and send you home with better eyesight.

What else should you expect in an eye examination?

Eye tests are not a typical complex procedure carried out in large hospitals. For most people with simple vision correction issues, a simple eye test is enough, which takes a significantly short time. However, for older adults, who are likely to have other vision problems, and those with advanced forms of myopia, further examinations are useful. Your eye specialist will check for the following:

  •         Your inner eye condition
  •         Your peripheral vision to rule out glaucoma or cataracts
  •         Your eye pressure, which also checks for a sign of glaucoma
  •         Your pupil retraction ability, which helps you understand how your eyes work under bright light

Your doctor will also check your outer eye condition by examining your iris, cornea, and other external eye organs

Comprehensive eye examinations are not your regular eye tests; they go further with a device called the slit lamp. You might also come across other tests such as fundus photos, which give your eyesight a precise situation.

How are prescription glasses made?

Making prescription glasses begins as soon as your eye examination has ended. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA makes use of plastic or glass, a decision that also depends on you. The piece selected has a curvature on one side while another side is flat. However, the technicians creating the lenses must select a piece that corresponds to the curvature of the test glasses used in examinations. The piece then goes through a lensometer, which forces the center to bend. Generators and grinding machines help the lens merge with the sides of the frames. Your eye doctor will then polish the glasses and present them to you.

Glasses are a tradition in many places for vision correction. Additionally, they form the safest method for vision correction. With a simple eye test, you can have glasses that will help improve your vision. Call Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, for an eye test, or book your place online to begin the journey of vision correction.