Laser Gum Surgery and Traditional Gum Surgery: A comparison

The thought of scalpels and stitches have made patients dread periodontal surgery for a very long time. Traditional surgery is slowly being overtaken by the more efficient laser gum surgery to free you from swollen and painful gum problems. Tarzana laser gum surgery services are readily available at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa. Book an appointment to get the best and fastest pain-free recovery experience.

The doctor will assess your situation to help choose the best option of treatment. Below is a comparison of the two procedures:

Traditional surgical method

The surgeon uses a scalpel to cut the gum tissue to access the periodontal pocket and get enhanced visibility. The gum line may be altered in the process. After cleaning, the doctor may use other treatments like tissue grafting to regenerate the bone loss. Anesthesia is used to ease the pain during this process.

Laser gum surgery

On the other hand, this procedure does not require the use of scalpels, making it less painful. A laser with light energy and water makes contact with the gum and hydrates it. This protects the tissues from the laser’s heat, making the procedure a lot more comfortable. This type of surgery allows for other procedures at the same visit since there is no irritation involved.

Key differences

  •   Pain: Since traditional surgery requires the cutting of tissues, it can be excruciatingly painful. The doctor prescribes postoperative painkillers and rest during recovery. Most patients opt to have the affected teeth removed in fear of the discomfort and pain experienced in surgery. Laser surgery does not have postoperative pain, and therefore the patient can return to their daily routine within no time.
  •   Healing time: Laser surgery does not require cutting of healthy tissue as it gives room for selectivity. The laser used also kills all bacteria, reducing inflammation, and preserving healthy tissue. Patients have been reported to resume their normal duties within 24 hours after surgery. Traditional surgery can cause some swelling, increasing the time needed for healing. A special diet is also recommended during the recovery period.
  •   Recession: The cutting of the gum line during traditional periodontal surgery could cause gum recession. This exposes the tooth’s roots resulting in tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold food and drink. Laser surgery allows for selectivity removing only the affected tissues. Surrounding healthy bone is not damaged. Therefore, there is no gum line recession, and the patient can still enjoy a natural appearance in their smile.
  •   Long-term results: Lasers stimulate the root surface, therefore promoting regeneration and new gum ligament attachment. Teeth that have previously been damaged are restored, and functionality resumes. Traditional surgery might not ensure the renewal of the bone after the procedure is complete.

Laser gum surgery is suitable for cosmetic and restorative dental needs. It treats gum disease, tongue-tie, infected implants, removes growth, and excess gum tissue. However, laser treatment might not be suitable for all patients or in all cases. Consult your doctor for the best treatment options. If you have any questions, book an appointment online with Around the Corner Dental Health Spa.