Get That Gorgeous White Smile Back With All-on-4 Implants

Your teeth are the foundation of your smile. There is no denying that there is nothing more appealing than to have someone smile at you with a relaxed look. Most people might feel ashamed that they would not have the same pearly white teeth found in most Hollywood actors. Although there is plenty of simple whitening toothpaste and other products to use that can have varying degrees of effectiveness, there is also no denying that good dentistry work would function best.

Unfortunately, not every person would have the same issue as others that they would only need some teeth whitening to have that gorgeous white smile. Instead, you can find some people suffering from significant tooth damage such as rotting or would even lose some of their adult teeth over time. These issues must be treated as soon as possible to prevent not only possible infections from bacteria growth, but you might also experience some embarrassment for not have a complete set of teeth.

Do not worry your pretty little head about those kinds of issues anymore because you can solve all your teeth issues with ease by taking part in Kew Dentistry’s unique All-on-4 treatment. This treatment is created and perfected by All-on-4 Specialist Dr Fibisenko. You can have that gorgeous clean white smile without any issues with this particular treatment.

All-on-4 Specialist

Quick and Easy Procedure

With this treatment, you can be confident that you could have a great smile without any issues. The procedure for this treatment is quite simple to follow. Firstly, you would need to have an initial consultation and assessment to get your teeth checked if they can still be safely saved with the treatment or not.

If the doctor sees some teeth are too far gone, some minor adjustments are needed on the treatment plan. This way, you would only have to get a couple of them replaced with crowns or even implants instead of replacing all of your teeth with All-on-4 Implant treatment.

The treatment plan will be explained and perfectly explained on the day of your All-on-4 implant appointment. You could find out more about how you can maintain new, healthy teeth. You will also have a full prosthodontist consultation to ensure that everything has been adequately done and perfectly placed during the placement.

Achieve your Perfect Smile

You would achieve your perfect smile by not having any concerns about smiling in public once again. Once this treatment has been applied, you would only have to undergo some minor adjustments while having your regular appointments and checkups to maintain dental treatments. Since this treatment would have you replace the entirety of your top and bottom row of teeth, you can find a need for proper long-term treatment.

These treatments will come with a complete dental check alongside proper pre and post-care therapy for all patients. You can be assured that there would be no issues during your time over at Kew Dentistry. So stop worrying about not having that perfect smile and ensure that you can bring back the best looking you with Kew Dentistry’s many fascinating treatments.