Coworking Comparisons – What To Look For When Choosing A Coworking Space

When it comes to selecting your coworking space, you will need to envision yourself doing your daily routine in the office. Picture yourself arriving, sitting at your desk, getting comfortable, opening emails, making your coffee, whatever you need to start your day. This will help you decide what the most important factors are for you personally and professionally in a coworking space.

There are many different deals out there for coworking spaces and it is essential that you make the right decision to ensure your productivity and to make sure you find a place you can stay in for as long as you need. Click here to compare different aspects of a coworking space so you can make an informed decision before committing to your new work environment.

Let’s take a closer look at some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a coworking space.

Geography And Surroundings

Primarily, most people will need to decide on an area where they would like to access their new office space which means choosing a location that suits each person’s individual needs. Important factors to consider when deciding where to look for coworking space include the office’s proximity to main public transport links, the possibility of free or affordable parking nearby, the availability of supermarkets or restaurants close to the office, and also other recreational areas like parks and gyms.

Coworking Space Principles And Rules

Another essential feature to consider before selecting a coworking space is the set of norms or values that are adhered to in the office. Each coworking office has a certain culture and to cultivate this, it is necessary for members of the space to comply with specific rules. It is a good idea to research these rules before settling into a new office just in case there are any aspects that you disagree with or that you wouldn’t feel comfortable following.

It is also often the case that a coworking space will be slightly tailored to a specific profile type, therefore, it is advisable to check out the type of professionals working in the office and what their general goals or business objectives are. This will help you gauge an idea of how well you will fit in on a professional and personal level.

Office Design And Layout

Walking into a coworking space, you should already be able to get a sense of how well you might feel spending your day there. Take a good look at how the office is structured and try to picture yourself there. If the place doesn’t have enough light or has too much, the walls are too bright or the decor is not to your taste, you may just need to continue the search. It is not worth choosing a coworking space in which you won’t be able to concentrate because you’ll end up paying for something that you won’t use.

What’s Included?

Different coworking spaces offer different features and packages. You should make sure to check out what is included in each package before making your choice. Elements that can vary depending on the package you select include the access allowed in terms of the timetable, whether you will be assigned a specific desk to use or if you will have access to a first-come, first-serve hot desk style, the storage facilities available, administration usage for scanning, printing, meeting and conference room availability, and drinks and snack services.

Other virtual office style features are often offered too but may only be available for an extra fee. These aspects include a landline phone number with dedicated receptionist and a physical corporate address.

Community Brand And Events

Each coworking space tries to adhere to the general coworking movement doctrine whereby they create a community within the office that allows for creativity to blossom by promoting discussion and collaboration between its members. This is done by providing lounge areas for recreation, through the development of the coworking culture and also through events that are programmed for and by members.

What Makes A Coworking Space Work For You?

Everyone is unique in their demands for the right place to work and each professional will have their own list of requirements when it comes to finding a space that feels right and allows ideas to flow. Comparing what each coworking space offers and the various packages available will help you to decide what is best for your business needs.