Reasons to Have an Annual Physical Examination in Sanford Even If You Are Healthy and Fit

Annual physical examination is mandatory for everyone. Many of us visit a doctor only when we are ill and many may not have had an overall body checkup for years thinking they are healthy and fit. If you are healthy, it does not mean you have to avoid physical checkups for years. Sometimes, you may not experience the symptoms of the disease until they become dangerous and a threat to your life.

Physical examination is an overall check-up of your body performed by your primary care provider. This test detects if there is an issue with your health at an early stage so that you can take the necessary steps without any further delay. Today, treatments are available for almost every disease. However, the treatments are effective only if treated at the correct time.

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Reasons for an Annual Physical Examination:

  • To understand the overall status of your health.
  • To analyze if there is any disease so that you can treat them at the earliest with the help of your doctor.
  • For a safe and healthy future.
  • To ensure you are keeping a healthy track of your regular diet and exercise.
  • To keep a record of the blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose level, and body mass index.
  • Annual physicals help you to review your immunization record and update the same if necessary.

The Requirement to Prepare for a Physical Examination:

  • Contact a primary care provider (PCP) and book an appointment.
  • Prepare a list of the medications that you are taking.
  • Note down if you are experiencing any pain or symptoms.
  • Collect all the reports of your recent tests.
  • Maintain a record of your past medical history.
  • Make a list of all the names and contact of all the doctors you visited recently.
  • Prepare a list of any additional questions you would like to ask.

Once you finish the physical session, you are free to continue the routine. Your PCP will later contact you and announce the results. Make sure to dress casually with minimal jewelry and makeup when you go for your physical examination.