What do steroids contain?

There are various steroids, and each of the components in these products is different. Also, the actions of the steroids on the body are also dependent on the constituents of the product. While some of them are safe, others are considered unsafe and illegal. The reason for this is obvious. The ones that are unsafe and illegal contain substances that are harmful to the human body in the long run.

Muscle mass changes are not obtained overnight. There is a lot of time required, although it is shorter than what you could achieve on your own. However, it is to be remembered that ultimately the structure of the physique is being altered continuously, and doing it too quickly or using products that are not easily accepted by the body can cause more harm than good. Hence, the legal authorities have classified drugs and steroids into safe and unsafe categories. If you go with the steroids that fall under the safe category, you shouldn’t ideally face any issues. You should still stick to the recommended dosages, and keep an eye for the side-effects and other adverse reactions suggested on the product, while using it.


Names of the best selling steroids

Here are some names of the best-selling steroids that work towards body building and weight loss. Decabol contains the ingredient nandrolone decanoate and is used in bone wastage problems. Mastabol is again a derivative of testosterone and helps in the increase of muscle density and hardness. It increases the nitrogen content in the muscles and improves protein synthesis. Primobol is a mild anabolic and has very small side-effects. As a result it doesn’t cause water retention and the muscular build is leaner and more hardy.

Halotestex is an oral derivative of testosterone that allows it to enhance the male characteristics and also promotes muscle growth. Stanabol is an anabolic that stimulates appetite, increases strength and serves as a part of the steroid stack. Testabol cyp is another testosterone drug. Testabol enan is the drug that has a prolonged effect on the human body. The effects are comparable with that of testosterone propionate.

Trenabol is fast-acting, it helps with greater protein metabolism and is an effective anabolilc compounds. Tri-trenabol is a combination ester that has three esters that rapidly cause physiological response to the product.

British Dragon also produces and distributes a range of oral steroids. The first one is arimide. This is a tablet that many body builders use when they are on a steroid stack. It helps to reduce the effects of bloating and oedema that are a characteristic side-effect of steroid use. Halotestex is a derivative of testosterone, which unlike other forms doesn’t convert to estrogen. It increases your endurance and strength, without significant weight gain. Methanobol is an oral steroid that enhances protein metabolism in the body. This derivative also possesses anabolic properties which are very desirable.

Oxydrol is a medication that is used in treating anemias and red cell production deficiencies. Primobol is an oral anabolic with minimal androgenic properties. As a result it doesn’t display significant side-effects from its use. The water retention and fat deposit effects are minimal.