Ways to Get Bitcoins

There are a lot of Bitcoin supporters who think that this digital currency is a future, so investing in this currency will reap vast returns later. Most popular method to earn bitcoin is by buying on the Bitcoin exchange. There are some people who keep this for the longer time horizon whereas others love to profit just by selling it when they find the opportunity. Like other asset, principle of purchasing the low & selling high applies on Bitcoins. There are a lot of other methods to earn and have Bitcoins that are quite different from buying it on the Bitcoin exchange. So, here are some options on which Bitcoin enthusiasts will explore.


Mining is a process in which Bitcoins will be released to come in circulation. In easy words, this involves solving the computationally tough puzzle to find the new block that is added to blockchain as well as receiving the reward in a form of some Bitcoins. Block rewards that currently at 25. Back in the year 2009, when mining started, it took the regular desktop to generate coins but as many BTC are generated, and difficulty in mining procedure increases.

Receiving As a Payment

One more way to get Bitcoins will be accepting this as a way of payment for the products and services sold and provided. Payments with BTC are made with the hardware terminal and wallet address by QR codes as well as touch screen application for the brick and mortar shop. It is simple to accept BTC even for the internet business, and add the option all along with other ways like net banking, credit card, and more to pay. Payments online will need the Bitcoin merchant tool to accept the Bitcoin payments.


Bitcoins can easily be earned on the regular basis by having paid for the job in Bitcoins. The system isn’t much popular still and has got some limitations in the terms of offers.