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Most of the time when there is some sort of discussion on vaping, this question is usually asked. I guess maybe it is because there are so many people out there who would really like to quit smoking but can’t do it or people just want to know for the sake of having that knowledge.

Anyway, is vaping really that safe? All I can say is the answer to this question is not yet clear and this is probably why the public health organizations should team up with the government and other professionals to carry out more research and clear the air on this matter once and for all.

As it stands, vaping is being considered as a safe alternative compared to smoking. If you are a heavy smoker and you are having problems when it comes to quitting, you can try vaping as the next alternative.

 A lot of research has been done and I believe others are still taking place regarding this issue. Vaping has been found to be only 5% as dangerous as tobacco smoking. However, other studies show that most people having lung diseases might experience major problems as a result of passive smoking of the E-cigarettes.

The brief effects of vaping are said to be similar as the effects a person can have from something like a nicotine gum or inhaler.

From this, we cannot deduce that vaping is that much safe right? This is why much research still needs to be done and as a community, people should be on the lookout and observe if the younger generation is getting in to the habit.

Anyway, so far from the studies and research that is being conducted we can only be slightly confident that vaping is considerably a safer option compared to cigarette smoking.

One, this is because a lot of people still indulge in the smoking habit and are not seeking the necessary help to make them stop. In most countries, smoking still remains among the biggest causes of early death yet this can be prevented.

A study done by David Levy, lead researcher at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center together with other professionals showed that vaping could increase the lifespan of those who smoked tobacco initially and later switched to vaping.

The study was practically focused on finding out what became of those who used to smoke tobacco but switched to vaping over a period of about 10 years.Results showed that these people generally lived longer. From the findings, Levy said they clearly support an idea that would see a policy put in place to encourage vaping instead of cigarette smoking to bring forth substantial life.

The findings show a lot of reasons as to why the smokers had an extended lifespan. For instance, switching to vaping could greatly reduce the risk of getting exposed to the harmful toxins. The earlier you switch to vaping the better as it might leave only a handful of smokers disabled.

Another professional Dr. Frank Baeyens, who is a psychology professor at KU Leuven University in Belgium, was also pleased by Levy’s findings. He said the evidence or science behind vaping as a safer alternative compared to cigarette smoking already exists. The only problem is being able to convince the public for them to switch to vaping.

If you have been a smoker and you’ve reached that level where you want to quit but then you still having difficulties, So far this is the only proven way to go. Today, a huge number of those who engage in vaping say they do so as a way of helping them to quit the use of tobacco since they have tried different other ways but with no success.

However, just to conclude, it is still not advisable for anyone, especially those who doesn’t have a background of this habit “smoking” to try vaping. Also, long term vaping is not recommended until more research is done and more evidence is found. But for those struggling with smoking addiction, vaping can be confidently recommended to help with that.

The public health sector should also try and put in place a lot of campaigns to educate the public about the benefits and also the risks that come with vaping, but if you want to be more informed about his, you should check some more Vapour DNA information. They should also try and encourage smokers who want to stop smoking to tryand give vaping a shot. Otherwise, stay safe, avoid smoking and live a healthy life.