Thinking of Cancelling Your Used Car Warranty: Top Tips to Make the Process Seamless

Though a used car warranty is always a good idea since it cushions you against power train issues, it can be costly in the long run. It’s more like life insurance – what you pay often exceeds the benefits. At such a time, canceling the warranty looks like a reasonable thing to do. You can also cancel it if it was slipped into your purchase agreement without prior knowledge.

Additionally, you can cancel the policy if you discover that the warranty is designed to take a few years before it can kick in. In all these cases, it makes sense to keep your money in your pocket and ask for a refund from the warranty provider. The process of canceling the warranty can sometimes be a hectic one. However, there are ways to make it seamless. Here are the top tips to use:

  1. Know Who to Contact

Before anything, it’s necessary that you get a copy of the warranty to identify who you should call. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Often, it’s the finance manager that you need to talk to. After this, the next thing is to verify if there is a cancellation fee that you need to pay. Find how much.

  1. Follow the Outlined Steps

In your policy, there’s a procedure for canceling it. You should ensure that you follow it accordingly to have a seamless process. You may be surprised to learn about the availability of free cancellation. In general, following the outlined steps is what will determine if you’ll get a refund or not and how long it’ll take to have it.

  1. Do it in Writing

It’s tempting to just pick up a phone and call the finance manager requesting the cancellation of your warranty. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the manager will facilitate the process. Doing it in writing is a formal way of expressing your intentions. Besides, you’ll need to fill out the necessary cancellation form before the process can formally commence.

  1. Firmness is Key

When negotiating the cancellation with the finance manager or any other representative of the company, you need to maintain a firm stand. Remember, what you are trying to do is taking their regular commissions away. They surely wouldn’t just give up without trying to convince you otherwise. However, if you stand by your decision and you maintain your ‘no’, they won’t have a choice but to approve your request.

  1. Make Follow-ups

Lastly, you shouldn’t just take the word of the finance manager after submitting your cancellation request. You have to make follow-ups to confirm that your policy’s cancellation process is complete. However, this doesn’t mean going to their office every single day. You can do it via phone call or email. It’s simple that way. You’ll get a quick response.


It’s generally not easy to get your money back, especially a full refund, after committing to a used car warranty subscription. However, you have to go for it if you feel that the warranty is not a great deal for you. You need smart ideas to make it less stressful and above are tips to get you started.