Keeping Items Protected From Theft While In A Self Storage Unit

If you intend on placing belongings in storage in the near future, chances are you may feel a bit apprehensive about leaving them when you are unable to check on them on a daily basis. There are a few steps you can take to help in the protection of your items so they do not fall victim to theft. Here are some simple tasks you can undertake to keep your personal effects safe.

Select The Right Place For Storage

When looking at Anaheim self-storage units inquire about the kind of security measures they have in place. You want a storage unit with on-site security personal, surveillance cameras, and key-coded entry capabilities. Take a tour of the facility to look for breaches in security before decided to sign a rental contract. It is also a good idea to take a visit to the facility you are interested in using at a time when it is dark outside to see if the business offers adequate lighting. Check that the locking mechanism, if provided, works as well.

Place Items In A Unit Strategically

Putting your most valuable items in the back of your rented storage unit will help to protect it from being taken should someone happen to gain entry to the interior. Most thieves will not take the time to move bulky or heavy items out of the front portion of a unit in order to get more expensive items out. Place smaller items inside of large locked chests or safes so they are hard to remove from the unit without being seen by someone who may be passing by the doorway.

Hide Valuables Among Uninteresting Items

Thieves will be less likely to sift through a storage facility unit that does not appear to have interesting items inside of it. Placing valuables in hidden locations inside of a unit can help to keep them from being taken. Place jewelry in the bottoms of socks and roll them up to store in a plastic storage container with other clothing. Insert treasured photographs between the pages of paperback books and store them in a cardboard box. Cover valuable silverware pieces with several plastic forks and spoons and keep them in a locked cabinet drawer.

These types of actions will aid in keeping valuables out of immediate site, while camouflaging them with less desirable items. If someone gets into a unit and sees many uninteresting items, they will be likely to move on to another target instead of wasting time with an area that they believe will not provide them with items they can sell for cash.