Importance of know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Some people view Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a commodity, but that isn’t what they were created for. Bitcoin was originally created by Satoshi Nakamoto as a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. At present, the vast majority of people who own Bitcoin, have no intention of spending it. For cryptocurrencies to become more mainstream, and for the prices to stabilize, people must begin treating Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all the other currencies as cash.

You can pay with Bitcoin in a few brick and mortar locations, but availability will depend largely on where you live. Coinmap made a super handy map overlay, which can show you your location and all the stores around you. You can physically walk into any of these stores and buy something with your cryptocoin.

If you are one of those people who prefers to do their shopping from home, you’ll be happy to know that you are literally spoiled for choice. The number of online retailers which accept Bitcoin has boomed over the past few years. As the interest in Bitcoin continues to grow, so does the number of places where you can pay with it.

A number of airlines have begun taking cryptocurrencies. airBaltic, was the first airline carrier to begin accepting Bitcoin back in 2015. Since then, a number of other carriers have joined them. There are quite a few bitcoin accepting airlines to choose from.

Unsurprisingly, the adult section of the internet took notice of the growing interest in Cryptocurrencies. You can buy tokens and credits on many pornographic sites including PornHub. You aren’t limited to just video porn, there are many adult webcams sites that are willing to be paid with bitcoin.

Amazingly enough, you can actually do more than just pay with Bitcoin, you can actually get paid by Bitcoin. Bitwage is a crypto service which helps you receive your wages no matter where you live in the world. If your employer lives on the other side of the world, Bitwage can help you easily and quickly receive your wages in insured and trackable manner.

There are seriously loads of other retailers you can use. Almost anything can be bought with Bitcoin if you’re willing to look. Jewelry, gift cards, computer parts, and even furniture can all be purchased directly from your computer, using nothing but your cryptowallet.

As advocates of cryptocurrencies, we must begin using out cryptocurrencies as real money. Otherwise, we might as well be investing in tangible commodities.