Here are 6 Essential Items that Come in Handy in Case of an Accident

For most of us, driving is second nature because it’s something we do every other day. However, only a few of us stop to think that we’ll be involved in a crash someday and prepare ourselves to handle the situation when it arises.

Although breakdowns are way less common than they used to be, accidents still happen and it is essential always to be ready. That’s why the importance of having some tools in your car can never be overemphasized.

Here are six things to keep in your trunk just in case you are involved in an accident:

Contact phone number

A phone call is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with other people. In case you are involved in an accident, you will want to call organizations or people to inform them about what has occurred. So, other than the 911 number, you should ensure that you have the numbers of car rental companies, your insurance company, emergency roadside assistance, and your closest family and friends handy. But most importantly, you should have contact phone number of a personal injury lawyer – for legal advice.

Proof of insurance

In Nevada, all drivers need to have insurance before they can drive on the road legally. So, it is good to have a copy of proof of insurance with you at all times. The document contains information that you may need in case of a crash. A majority of these documents will have your car insurance policy number and the phone details to your insurance carrier’s claims department on them.  These are critical, as you will need to share them with the other driver – in case they want to file a claim through your insurance carrier. The officer on duty may also require the insurance details to complete his or her police report.

Flares or triangles

Flares or triangles come in handy as they help inform the other drivers using the road that there is an accident. This will prompt them to take extra caution while approaching or passing the area. Otherwise, you may find yourself being involved in a second accident just because another driver didn’t see your vehicle in time to stop.

 First aid kit

You need a fully equipped first aid kit in your trunk. An accident can leave you with bruises, bumps, and scrapes due to deployed airbags and broken glasses. Emergency response may also take a while to arrive at the scene. A first aid kit will help you manage any injuries until help arrives. So, you should check your kit once in a while to ensure that nothing has expired and that all the essentials are intact.

Disposable or phone camera

Pictures tell a great story – in this case, they may help you prove that the other driver was at-fault. Pictures will show the directions of the vehicles, the level of damage, the atmospherics, injuries, brake marks, and every other important detail.

A notepad and a pen

You cannot count on your memory to remember everything that happened in the accident. So, having a notebook and pen handy can ensure every critical detail is documented for future reference is vital.