Handcrafted Pizza Qualities to Verify when Ordering Pizza Online

Americans consume more pizza than people from other countries in the world. It’s estimated that an American will consume at least 46 slices of pizza every 365 days. That’s quite a big amount, but facts never lie.  Every pizza lover knows there are qualities, which define a good handcrafted Italian-recipe pizza. Even the most trusted pizza bases online will define such qualities clearly and precisely, so you can easily choose what suits you. The qualities of the toppings, sauce, cheese, and crust in pizzas vary significantly from one pizza to the other, and that’s why they should be your focal considerations.

Check the Crust

Check the texture and flavor of the pizza to confirm if it is thick, thin, or has a media size.  For thick pizza crust, ensure the texture is airy and light or even chewy.  As for the thin pizzas, ensure they have a crispy bottom, are foldable. The heart should be soft and delicate, too. For those who prefer pizzas with medium-sized crust, ensure it combines the qualities found in both the thin and thick pizza crusts.

Evaluate the Sauce

Pizza sauces are made of different flavors, most of which include butter, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, basil, pepper, salt, oregano, and onions. Avoid sauces with too much tomato flavor, too much oregano, or lots of garlic as they will not combat well with pizzas.  It is crucial to ensure the sauce is well-made and has the right and fresh ingredients.

Check the Toppings

The pizza toppings are another fundamental consideration.  Ensure you get the right pizza toppings, depending on personal preferences. Those who prefer protein toppings should offer toppings featuring chicken, beef, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, broccoli, salami, salmon, pineapple, and more. These ingredients are known to be super when it comes to giving pizza the sweetness, crunch, and saltiness you desire to have fun moments eating it.

Check the Cheese

Talk with your selected pizza bases online baker, so they do not mix the cheese with toppings.  Cheese should have gooeyness and stretch that gives your pizza the flavor you need.  You will have lots of cheese options to choose from, with mozzarella being the most common and preferred choice by many.


Know what you want in a pizza is simply not enough, especially if you are not the one going to cook it. Knowing the qualifications and experience of the pizza cook you entrust the job of handcrafting your pizza using the suggested ingredients is important, too. Minimize the hassle of searching and comparing options online by choosing the best pizza bases that are trusted, such as Letizza bakers. With us, you can have your pizza customized to match the unique ingredients and budget needs.