Use of Dental Implants in Fixing Missing Teeth

Dental implants have come to change how people without teeth are living because they play a crucial role in restoring their smiles. Since the dental implants function, feel, and look like natural teeth, people are also able to eat comfortably using them. They also have an added advantage because they do not alter the contour of your face or your appearance. The best Monterey, CA oral surgery enables your specialist to fix your dental implants appropriately and effectively. There are four different ways of fixing your implants, such as:

  •       Complicated dental implant involving multiple and full mouth implants.
  •       Simple and immediate where the implants are placed on the same day including a temporary crown.
  •       Computer-guided implant placement which uses 3-D imaging dental technology to fix your implants.
  •       Single implants where bone augmentation is performed on the same day.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are referred to as tiny titanium posts which are inserted into your jaw bone where you have missing teeth. Generally, they are usually placed into your jawbone surgically. Therefore, your bone bonds with the titanium forming a strong foundation for the artificial teeth. Attachment of the small posts to the implant then follows which protrudes through your gums. Thus, the posts are anchored with your artificial teeth placed to ensure that they are stable. These implants also play a very important role in preventing any bone deterioration from taking place, which often results in altered facial appearance.

The surgical procedure

In most cases, the placement of your dental implants occurs in two phases and involves two surgical procedures. The first step involves the placement of the implants on the jawbone. The implants are found beneath your gums for the first 3-6 months where they bond with your jawbone gradually. During this phase, one is required to wear some temporary dentures and also be on a soft diet. It is also the time when your dentist is forming your replacement teeth.

After your implant has successfully bonded with the jaw bone, it paves the way for the second phase to begin. The phase involves uncovering the implants and attaching the small posts to provide strong support to your artificial teeth. The post protrudes through your gums, but after placement of the artificial teeth, they are no longer visible. The whole process may take approximately 6-8 months.

What types of prostheses are available?

Single prosthesis or crown- it is commonly used in the replacement of one missing tooth where a single implant is attached to each prosthetic tooth.

Partial prosthesis or fixed bridge- it is capable of replacing two or more teeth where two or three implants are used during the procedure.

A complete dental prosthesis or fixed bridge- can replace all your teeth in the lower or upper jaw.

Mostly the number of implants used in teeth replacement depends on the type of complete prosthesis being used be it fixed or removable. A fixed prosthesis is permanently placed and can only be removed by the dentist while the removable prosthesis or overdenture is attached to the ball or bar in socket attachment.

Finally, if you are feeling frustrated and cannot smile in public because of missing teeth, call Perio & Implant Center today to have your dental implant. You can also inquire the specialist on other periodontal services offered within the facility.