Subway Surfer – Now for PC as well!

When Temple Run came out in the app store, people from all over the world loved the concept. Hundreds of millions of users downloaded the game and enjoyed it to the fullest. Even though the game is still popular, there was a need for more games with an endless platform genre. Subway Surfer was developed after some time and the people loved it. Till date, the game app is among the top 3 most downloaded apps on the Playstore as well as the app store. So, this awesome game could not be left only for mobiles. Subway surfers for PC has now been made available through genuine websites featuring many such apps, all planned for PCs.

Why apps for PCs?

People are more familiar with PCs and there are a number of reasons behind that. One of them is a larger screen with easy-to-use buttons. Plus, PCs are also available everywhere just like phones. Not to mention, PCs have a better processor which can handle such mobile apps quite conveniently. Thinking of the high-end processor, an ergonomic keyboard/mouse to control the games, and a larger screen – we can say that it is certainly a great way to use apps on a PC.


The games today have been designed for convenience yet enjoyment. While most of these games just like Subway Surfers has been created specifically for portable devices, yet there are many players who want to experience it on the PC as well. So, developers came up with the Subway Surfers for PC as well. This new feature will let users experience the same mobile games on a PC. Plus the controls have been simplified to such an extent that it can be easily used without the need for comprehensive tutorials.

How games like Subway Surfers came into existence is not a new thing, but the quality of enjoyment these games have given us is totally out of the question. Technology has advanced to such a level that there is no denying we have excelled in the way leisure time is spend these days. With the current scenario in mobile gaming, flexibility is important which is why games are being designed for multiple operating systems. PC is more useful for the ones who want to enjoy games without the need of losing battery in mobile phones as well. There is a great scope ahead for similar apps and all this can be found on dedicated websites.