How to style Women Crop Tops?

Gone are the days of long sweaters & fluffy coats! Summers are here & so are our days to try out new trendy pieces of clothing! On one hand where summers give us a freedom to dress up in a huge number of ways, one also needs to make sure that one doesn’t become a sweat monster! You need clothes which are high on fashion but are higher on comfort. They are easy –breezy & are made of light fabrics.

You have many options to choose from: a single t-shirt paired with a frilled skirt, a pair of denim shorts or even a palazzo! I am sure, you would have considered all these options already, but there is one magical piece of clothing that you all might have missed which can actually handle your fashion needs & summers perfectly.

Wondering what these are? You already know the answer, they are none other than your all-time favourite designer crop tops available in abundance online & offline. To top it all, there is not just one way of wearing them. You can experiment with crop tops a lot, pair it with different pieces & rock the same crop top in a number of ways. Here are a few ideas that you can consider while thinking of wearing crop tops:

  1. Pair it with a skirt: We are sure that you have a skirt which is your favourite, full of colours & patterns! Bring them out & pair it with a crop top for a chic look which will make you look exceptionally beautiful & will be extremely comfortable, keeping summers in mind.
  2. Get high waist-ed: Try the good old high waist jeans! This will add a perfect balance to your look. Since the hem of your crop top is short, adding some length to your waist will look wonderful.
  3. Match it to rock it: Go retro, order a printed and graphic crop top online & pair it with a trouser or skirt with similar print. A matching look will look extremely appealing & add a touch of elegance & style to your look which will be extremely refreshing!
  4. Mid way is the trendy way: Crop tops with a bright mid length skirt look absolutely stunning! Just be a little careful around the colour combination here. Don’t go for a dull skirt that looks drab.
  5. Choose a blazer to look blazing hot: Wondering how can you rock a crop top for a formal meeting? Just pair it with a nice blazer & a formal trouser & you will be ready to rock any formal meeting!

Having given you some styling hacks around crop tops, let us also talk a little about the sites which offer crop tops which will help you beat the heat in style. Apart from the mainstream brands, there are many sites which are nowadays coming up with custom women crop tops online which are of highest quality when it comes to design & quality in terms of fabric & services.

To conclude, one can say that you can trust crop-tops when it comes to finding trendy solutions for summers which are high on quality & fashion. The key is to keep on exploring & experimenting. The online market is huge & forever expanding & evolving, so keep on having a look at the same!