How Much Does an Extended Car Warranty Cost

If you have ever bought a brand new car you have probably heard of the term Extended Warranty. This is the longest auto warranty in Texas, it doesn’t have a fancy name and it isn’t giving you any special perks but it is something that you should consider if you are buying a new car that you plan on keeping for a while. Let me explain to you why.

A normal car warranty will get you a few years of coverage. This means that if your car breaks down, or if you need towing or any kind of roadside assistance within the time of that warranty, it is completely paid for. There are a few things that a warranty won’t cover but for the most part, a warranty has your back no matter what is wrong with your vehicle. But a lot of people see this as a stressful thing.

When you buy a car, the standard warranty will go for about 5 years. Once those 5 years are up, anything wrong with your car is suddenly your problem and your problem alone. And if you have bad luck with cars, you are probably dreading the day that the warranty you have comes to an end. But you can avoid all of this stress if you pick the extended warranty over the standard warranty.

The extended warranty will make sure that your car is covered for longer, some warranties go up to 15 years. If you can imagine yourself owning your new car for that long, the extended warranty is definitely something that you should consider checking out for yourself. It will take a lot of stress out of your life and you will know that if anything happens to your car while you are on the road, you are covered and your car will be fixed at no cost to you.

But getting an extended warranty does have a price tag attached at the beginning. So how much does an extended warranty cost? Now that you know what it gives you, let’s talk about prices so that you can decide if this decision is truly worth it or not.

It really depends on a few things when it comes to discussing prices for an extended warranty. One of the most important things is how often you use your car, how many miles you travel in a week or a month, and how old your car is and how long you have already owned it.

Extended warranties are a long commitment, but if your car isn’t newer then the price for the warranty is going to be higher due to the fact that your car will probably break down more because of its age.

However, if your car is newer, the extended warranty can be a lot cheaper. This also goes for if you don’t travel a lot of miles in a short amount of time. Estimating the price of a warranty is a lot like estimating the price of your insurance.

But to put it simply, if you have a newer car, the price you are looking at for an extended warranty is going to be around $350 a year. But if you have an older car that you have been driving for years and you have a lot of miles on, the price you can expect to see is going to be around $700 per year.

You can look at your car and how long you have owned it, and you can make the final decision for yourself on whether or not you want the extended warranty.