An ultimate guide for packing mattresses and box springs like a pro

What blesses you with a healthy night sleep is your cozy and comfy mattress. Thanks to the technology, the advanced mattresses are perfect for a variety of reasons including superior support, comfort and health benefits. However, if your mattress isn’t stored well, you may not be able to enjoy a good night sleep. A lumpy mattress can cause you a variety of problems including back pain, discomfort, stress and more. In order to ensure you do not suffer with such mattress related problems, it is important that you store them perfectly. Here is an ultimate guide for storing your mattress and bedspring perfectly.

Step-by-step guide to pack your mattress perfectly:

Packing the mattress with perfection is a simple 4 step process. However, doing each step with perfection and focus is important to safe keep your expensive mattress as well as your night sleep. The entire process is explained in step below for easy understanding and execution:

  • Disassembling the bed frame:

Bed frames are huge and heavy, in order to move them from one place to another, the best way out is to disassemble them. You must take out all the screws, nuts and bolts and store them safely. An easy way of storage is using a plastic bag which can be plugged to the headboard with the help of tape. This way you will know where you have kept the tiny parts once you are at your destination.

  • Cleaning the mattress:

Cleaning the mattress is very important. With dirt and debris making home in the mattress over the time, it becomes a breeding ground for many bacteria as well as pests. To ensure you have a cleaner and safer mattress, you must clean it thoroughly. You can use a mild cleaner for the same. A high-quality upholstery cleaner is perfect for the job. Once you have removed the visible dirt and debris, use a vacuum cleaner to take out all the hidden impurities.

  • Protecting the mattress:

Experts recommend using a mattress cover while storing or moving an expensive buy. The cover keeps dirt, dust and debris at bay and also protect the mattress from direct contact of moisture.

  • Storing at the right place:

Because moisture can be harmful for your mattress, you need to make sure that you store your mattress in a dry and cool place. Your garage, attic or basement might have exposure to moisture and other elements, thus, to store your mattress with safety, you can pick a public storage. These storage facilities have climate controlled units that prevent harm from moisture. Also, you must store your mattress flat in order to keep the shape and springs in their best state.

In case of a box spring storage, you must avoid placing any item over it. Extra weight can damage the box spring and you may lose the extra comfort you derive from it.

Doctors recommend 8 hours healthy sleep for a healthy mind and body. Next time you are moving houses, use this guide to store your mattress and enjoy sleeping in your comfortable mattress after a tiresome moving schedule.