All AboutThe ENS And Direct Entry Stream Visa For Australia

Australia, a dainty little continent in the south of the globe, is a major tourist hub. There are several amazing employment opportunities in the developing Australia. Coupled with sweet residential and tourist destinations, Australia is one of the preferred place to settle in.

Like every other government, Australian government has imposed some proper guidelines and rules to categories and process the immigration applicants. There are several types of visas and different types to acquire them. Depending upon your situation, motive and duration of stay, you can apply for specific visa and follow the process to complete them.

If you are set to reside in Australia on behalf of a lovely job opportunity, you can avail direct entry stream resident visa Australia. There is a specific criteria to avail this benefit and certain process to be completed. Here is some handy information about it;

What actually is direct entry stream?

Direct entry stream is a part of Employment Nomination Scheme or ENS. It is a PR type of visa, which allows you to permanently reside in Australia. It is granted to skilled workers, who might seem as a bright prospect for employment in Australia. As the name suggests, this visa works on nomination of an employer. The immigration department can get this application direct for processing, if it has been through ENS. There are, of course, several criteria which must be satisfied, in order to acquire direct stream entry visa for Australia.

  1. The Age factor – When you apply for the visa, you must be below 45 years of age. There has to be attached proper proof for it. However, the creamy layer of academics, often include senior scientists and members. In few such cases, exceptions are made for senior researchers and scientists, medically expert etc, if there are special nominations for university.
  2. Skill set – There are several filtering processes, and this is one of the main factor. You must have an extensive skill set in your field of expertise, and at least 3 years’ worth of experience in the same field.
  3. Occupation status – The visa rules state that the employer nominating you must employ you for at least 2 years. The position must be full – time and the employer must satisfy the ‘Salary and Employment Condition Requirement’ as prescribed by the government. The occupation must be listed in the ‘List of Eligible Occupations’ of visa department.
  4. Other specifications – There are few other specifications like English proficiency proved by some English language test like TOEFL, health and character requirements and of course criminal or fraud record. There is a simple fitness test and certain vaccine formalities before acceptance.

This visa costs around 3600 Australian Dollars and will allow you to stay and study in Australia indefinitely. Your spouse and children (ifany) are allowed with you, but they have to bear some extra cost. Over the time, you are allowed to apply for Australian citizenship.