October 2020

Foreign Currency Accounts in India: All You Need to Know

Foreign currency accounts are increasingly becoming popular both among resident Indian and non-resident Indians. Read on to know more.

For many Indians who earn in foreign currency either in India or abroad, opening a foreign currency bank account is an excellent way to keep their money safe and protected from the exchange rate fluctuations. Within a foreign currency account, you can choose from different types based on whether you are a resident Indian or an NRI (non-resident Indian).

How does foreign currency account work?

Today, several banks offer specialised foreign currency bank accounts in India. As the name suggests, these accounts are distinct from the regular savings bank account as it allows you to hold the deposits in foreign currency rather than in Indian Rupees. The currencies allowed for transactions may vary from bank to bank. But, most banks allow deposits in popular international currencies including, American Dollars, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, etc.

You can open a foreign currency account in the form of a savings account, current account, or term deposit (fixed deposit and recurring deposit) account.

Foreign Currency Account for Resident Indians

  • RFC Account

The Resident Foreign Currency account is specially meant for Indians who have lived in a foreign country for not less than one year and have returned. Such residents can use the RFC account to deposit their foreign currency earnings in Indian banks and remit it to a foreign country when they move back.

A significant advantage of this type of account is that it allows the account holders to receive superannuation and other monetary benefits from their overseas employers. Also, the account has no restrictions on fund utilisations; account holders can use the amount both in India and overseas.

  • Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency Account

This is an ideal choice of account for companies that deal with imports and exports. It can be used to receive remittance on the export of goods and services and to make payments in foreign currency. Thus, it helps account holders avoid loss due to exchange rate fluctuations.

One of the significant features of this type of account is that the companies can keep the deposits in foreign currency only for a specific period, after which the bank converts the amount into INR.

Apart from the companies, individuals who receive income for their professional services like doctor’s fees, consultation charges, etc. can maintain an EEFC account.

Foreign Currency Account for NRIs

 NRE Account

This is one of the most popular NRI bank accounts for NRIs who earn an income in a foreign country. It allows them to transfer their earnings to India, and the funds in the account are repatriable. Also, the interest earned on the deposits is exempted from tax.

  • NRO Account

NRO account allows the non-resident India to carry out transactions in INR, and the account can be credited with income earned in India. Additionally, the deposits in the NRO account can be repatriated only to a maximum limit of $1 million in a financial year. Lastly, the interest earned on the deposits in the account is taxable.

  • FCNR Account

The foreign currency non-resident account is a term deposit account that allows the non-resident Indians to park their earnings in specific foreign currency. You can deposit in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Pound Sterling, Euro, US Dollars. Thus, the account holders can avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Also, the interest earned from the deposits is tax-free.

Thus, there are different types of foreign currency accounts to suit the various needs of both the Indian and non-resident Indians. Non-resident Indians can maintain both NRO and NRE accounts for easy transfer of funds within the accounts.

October 30, 2020

9 Things You Need to Buy for a New Puppy

Welcoming someone into the household is an event that is preceded by a lot of shopping. It does not matter if the new family member is a new baby or puppy, there is going to be a wide range of items needed for it.

If you expect a new furry friend in your home, check this list to make sure that you have bought everything you need.

Make sure you check this first item off your list: Getting your puppy’s license and registration.

Collar and Tag

Having a collar is the quickest way to identify that your puppy is owned by someone who loves it and is not a random stray on the street.

Collars also play other roles, such as being a tool to help you handle your dog in various situations.

It also lets you hold your dog’s identification tag and to attach a leash. Some owners may prefer to get a harness rather than a collar, especially for puppies.

Puppies grow fast, so make sure that you adjust the collar’s width to suit your fur kid.


A dog crate may seem like an unnecessary item, especially if you have decided to let your dog roam freely in your home.

However, crates can come in very handy. It can be useful when you must travel with your dog. Besides, it also acts as a tool to help in potty training your puppy.

When choosing a crate, make sure it allows your puppy to turn around and lie down.


If you have ever owned a dog, you have probably noticed how much they tend to sleep. They spend up to 12-16 hours sleeping every day.

With those habits, they will need a warm and comfortable spot to sleep. As a pet parent, you will do well to pick out the ideal bed for your new puppy.

Food and Water Bowls

These are essential items in a household with dogs. Be sure to choose the right bowls for your pup.

Ones that are too shallow will end up being pushed around from your puppy’s excitement, while ones that are too deep may be inaccessible, especially if your pup is small.

There are many kinds of bowls on the market for your choosing. Bowls made of stainless steel are recommended as they do not harbour bacteria.

Ceramics should be avoided as they can break easily. You may also choose to get ones that have rubber grips.

Your puppy’s water bowl should always be left out to keep your fur kid hydrated throughout the day.

Food bowls can be taken out and put away as needed. As your puppy grows older, you may need to change its bowls.

This is because larger breeds can develop back problems if bowls are placed too close to the ground.

Healthy Dog Food

The kind of puppy food you buy is critical. Like humans, dogs need a balanced diet too. This means that choosing the right dog food with a good variety of nutrients is of utmost importance.

Puppies also have different nutritional requirements. As such, you should never give puppies food meant for adult dogs.


Supplement your dog’s diet with some treats. These can be special foods to help during training but can also be used to show some extra love to your pup.

Be warned, though; it is never good to go overboard with these. Regardless of how much you love it, your puppy should not be spoiled by getting too many treats.


Getting toys for your puppy will help to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. It also gives you extra things to do with your dog.

Be sure to get chew toys to keep those sharp young teeth away from damaging furniture and other items around your house.


With puppies, it is helpful to have a playpen available. You may not always have the time or ability to keep watch on your precious new pup.

When you have a playpen, you will be sure that your dog will not wander away while you are distracted.

It provides a safe space in which your dog can frolic. If it is winter, the playpen can also be used indoors so that your pup can get the exercise it needs even when it is too cold outside for walks.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Do not forget to keep your puppy clean and tidy. You will need items for your puppy’s bathing times. Be sure also to get a good comb or brush, especially if you have a breed with longer fur.

It is also helpful to get supplies for flea and tick prevention. This is especially crucial if you bring your dog into grassy areas.

October 29, 2020

Managing Failing Eyesight in the Elderly

With a rapidly ageing population in the UK the number of older people developing problems with their eyesight is rising. Sight loss and failing eye health is a major issue in elderly people and is a factor in the development of depression and anxiety.

It is down to whoever is providing in-home care to spot the early signs that their charge may be struggling with their eyesight. A carer can be in the best position to ensure they get the appropriate help to manage their charge’s condition.

The Most Common Causes of Sight Loss in the Elderly

The top four causes of diagnosed sight loss in older people are macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. These conditions can vary in severity, but all are treatable when caught early however in the most severe cases the person can be certified as sight-impaired, partially sighted or blind.

A sight loss issue may sometimes be a stand-alone condition but in older people is often associated with other health conditions such as stroke, diabetes, smoking, sleep apnoea or dementia, to name just some of the regular causes.

Failing eyesight can occur rapidly with some conditions but in many cases the issue develops slowly and gradually which can cause a certain amount of distress where the person perhaps doesn’t quite realise what’s happening.

Most Common Signs to Watch Out For

The first sign often comes when the elderly person reports that they are unable to read as well or for as long as they are used to. Small print becomes more difficult to see and it becomes harder to read in low light so they start to need lights full on when they read. Taking regular medication could be a worrying issue when they have difficulty reading dosage instructions and are at risk of serious harm. Everyday tasks like cooking or going out, or recognising faces and objects becomes harder and more confusing. Falls can occur more often due to poor eyesight. Some sight loss conditions can cause visual hallucinations which are distressing.

If you notice your elderly friend or relative struggling with simple tasks this is probably a good time to consider contacting a good home care services provider as having regular care in place can make all the difference when it comes to catching problems early and helping to access solutions.

How to Help Prevent Sight Loss Becoming a Problem

Where eyesight fails because through stroke or diabetes, doctors will always ask when the last eye test was and in the case of diabetes will facilitate regular eye screening. If falls are a regular issue an eye test will be recommended alongside other physical tests and investigations.

There are hidden causes of sight loss associated with dementia, depression, learning disabilities and hearing loss – dual sensory loss affects a percentage of over-75s. Hearing and sight tests are recommended for all elderly people and this is something that can be arranged by carers or family members through local health services. Heavy smoking is commonly associated with macular degeneration so enrolling on a smoking cessation programme can help reduce the risk.

October 29, 2020

Great Christmas Presents for Your In-Home Carer

Caring for an older person in their own home is one of the most rewarding jobs there is but certainly also one of the hardest. Being on call 24/7 can be exhausting and the job can take an emotional toll on hardworking carers.

It is sometimes forgotten that those who provide home care need to relax and recharge occasionally and most of all to feel that they are cared for too. So, with Christmas coming up why not take a look at our suggestions for how you can show you care with one of these great Christmas gifts.

Regular Time Off

No-one works at their best when they are exhausted and running out of steam so friends or family members of the elderly person could offer to take on the job of care giver on a regular basis, say for a few hours a week or one weekend a month. This will allow the carer to recharge their batteries and deal with anything they need to.

Spa Days and Pampering Time

Buy them a voucher to use in a salon or spa; a relaxing massage, facial or manicure is a great way to de-stress and unwind. Volunteer to cover for them while they enjoy a pampering session.

Blitz the Cleaning

One of the in-home care tasks a carer is called upon to do is cleaning and this can be tedious as well as stressful when a myriad of other things must be done throughout the day. Take this chore away from them for a day occasionally to take some of the pressure off either by doing the cleaning yourself or hiring a professional cleaner.

Similarly, other jobs such as gardening, home maintenance or walking the dog could be tasks which you could commit to helping out with now and again.

Hobbies and Socialising

One of the most difficult things for a home carer is to try to somehow fit in time for hobbies and interests or for meeting up with friends and in many cases these fall by the wayside. This is again the perfect opportunity for you to give them the gift of time so that they can enjoy personal pursuits.

Help Them Look After Their Health

They will be busy looking after their elderly chrgeand this will certainly involve a lot of running around but this is not the same as physical exercise for fun. Find out what they like to do to keep fit and whether that is going to the gym, swimming or regular yoga or Pilates sessions why not buy them a subscription for their favourite pastime? Not only will they appreciate the chance to de-stress and socialise you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping them to keep fit enough to care for your elderly relative.

A Great Meal Out

Find out what their favourite eatery is and buy a voucher or gift certificate to enjoy a meal at their favourite place. Or, if cooking is your forté why not cook for them in the home, or fill the freezer with home-cooked, ready to heat meals.

October 29, 2020

Important things to look before using online marketing strategies

Today the entire population in the world is connected by the help of the internet communication. This is the reason why the people ought to buy anything through the online space. This is highly helpful for the business, because you can take care of everything within the comfort of your home. By the help of the online space, the business could provide a greater space for the marketing team to reach a whole loot of people. It is good to try the 1인샵 where you can find out various strategies that is helpful in finding the customers with ease. But before that you should learn few things about the online strategies and it is important to take care about all these things before choosing the online marketing option.

Use trained professionals

This isbattle ground and you needto learn that the online space is a new market. So when you aretrying to find out something new, then the competition is going to be tough. So you needto find out only the experts and it is good to use 1인샵 which a greater place for your marketing needs. Here you could find out a lot of options through which it is easy to reach the customers.

Privacy and security

It is important to take care about the security issues that is prevalent in the online marketing options. Because when you are handling a lot of data in order to get the targetedaudience, it is important to safeguardyourinformation. Because thiscould lead to the securitybreach in yourinformation options. Inaddition it is important to take care about the privacy options because the organisation that is using the online marketing should be getting approved space to perform its business in an efficient way.

Feedback system

 A perfectcommunication with the customers is very importantand if your organisation is trying to know the feedback, then it is possible only with the online marketing option. Try to include the space needed to collect the feedback form the potentialcustomers without nay hassles. Because they need to provide their comments with ease andonly when you can collect true and informative feedback from the customers. Aftergetting all these thingsdone you can get a great success through the online marketing options which is very much beneficial to the organisations today.

October 28, 2020

Recover and Heal from Injuries and Accidents at the Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center

As humans, we are prone to having accidents when carrying out our daily activities, whether in our workplaces, doing house chores, on the roads driving, or in our daily routines. The injuries may be as simple as hurting our toes to more complex ones as breaking our legs, hands, necks, and even the spine. When these injuries occur, immediate medical care is appropriate and necessary to prevent more severe complications. Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is a health practice dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation services to patients in ten locations in Delaware. The Newark whiplash specialists use the latest rehabilitation technology to provide safe and effective non-invasive treatment to its patients.

Dr. James Sheehan, DC, and the highly skilled team at the Pro Rehab Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Services strives to provide quality medical care to patients with musculoskeletal system problems. They treat conditions such as spine and neck problems and joint disorders. The board-certified specialists are knowledgeable and use advanced technology to offer treatments for work injuries, sports injuries, car accidents, and other conditions that cause chronic pain. They are compassionate and caring to their patients, providing them with a loving and gentle environment to recover and heal faster. They use natural means to help relieve symptoms using the latest technology to improve patients’ quality of life.

Qualified and experienced specialists create individualized treatment plans to help patients regain the function and mobility of acute joints and other conditions. They use modern diagnostic equipment that helps identify the injured areas faster and accurately compared to traditional methods. They use a comprehensive approach to healing, with a customized treatment plan that includes chiropractic adjustments therapies and therapeutic massage. The chiropractic team at Pro Rehab Chiropractic & Rehabilitation are trusted medical caregivers for spine and pain conditions in Delaware State.

Pro Rehab Chiropractic & Rehabilitation have specialists that are qualified for your every injury condition and health need. These specialists offer the most advanced services in neck pain, spine, joint injuries, headaches, chiropractic, auto injuries, work injuries, whiplash, and rehabilitation. They treat the symptoms as well as their causes to help restore your health completely. The friendly physicians provide educational information and guidance to their patients to help decide on treatment options.

Sometimes we can’t escape injuries and accidents; no matter how much care we take, there is still some risk of having them. But our daily lives and routines have to go on; we must receive quality medical assistance when they occur for us to continue living our lives. Pro Rehab Chiropractic & Rehabilitation provides the best diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services for spine and neck injuries, work injuries, headaches, and car accident injuries, among others in Delaware. They are caring and understanding to their patients, offering them individualized medical care to meet their needs. Visit them in any of their locations in Delaware to learn more about their services and get the best medical care for your injuries. Call or book an appointment online today.

October 27, 2020

Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures – Specialists in Brain and Mental disorders in Marlboro Township

The brain works as the body’s control center where, together with the nervous system, they control everything throughout the body. Brain damage can affect one’s memory, sensation, and personality, and this can lead to low self-esteem among those with this disorder. Brain damage and disorders can be a result of illness, genetics, or traumatic injury. Epilepsy and seizures can cause brain damage. For brain-related issues, you need a neurologist who is specialized in diagnosing and treating any brain disorder. For better services for epilepsy and seizures, a neurologist in Marlboro Township can offer effective services.

Neurologists at the Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures believe hope comes in many ways. They accept medical cannabis as an advancement in the pharmaceutical industry and use it for treatment for seizures and epilepsy. Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures also offers help for the following services: headaches, memory loss, vertigo, concussion, traumatic brain injury, medication management, epilepsy, and seizures.


Seventeen percent of adults suffer from headaches which lead to wasting time in order to nurse headaches. With a team of specialized neurologists, each patient will determine the cause of the headache and give proper treatment to relieve the pain and possible future headaches. Primary headaches are a result of head or neck problems. Tension and migraine headaches are the most common types of primary headaches across the world. Secondary headache is a result of poor health conditions, for example, headaches caused by jaw disorders. Headaches have the following symptoms: head feels like it is being squeezed, piercing pain lasting for fifteen minutes to three hours, and frequently it happens at night with throbbing, intense pain. Headache treatment includes avoiding headache triggers, medication to treat pain, stress management, medication for future headaches, oxygen therapy for cluster headaches, botox for chronic migraines, ganglion block, and calcitonin gene peptide.

Memory loss

Memory loss occurs when a structure in the brain is injured. Factors that lead to memory loss are stroke, epilepsy and seizures, dementia, traumatic brain injury, lack of oxygen, some medications, excessive consumption of alcohol, tumor, cancer treatment, and thyroid disorders. Treatment for memory loss depends on the type of memory loss you are suffering from.


Vertigo is the feeling that you or your surroundings are revolving. Vertigo can be caused by migraines, inner ear infection, traumatic brain injury, neurological conditions, low blood sugar, some medications, stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and acoustic neuroma. Vertigo has the following symptoms; headaches, balance problems, disorientation, and ringing in the ears. The Neurology Center will conduct a hearing and balance test and recommend treatment based on the cause.


This is a brain injury caused when an impact causes the brain to hit the skull. Common symptoms of concussion are confusion, headache, memory loss, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, loss of smell and taste, concentration difficulty, excessive sleepiness or insomnia, blurry vision, and loss of balance. Treatment of concussion is rest; the brain needs time to heal. Limiting physical activities and screens of any kind such as computers, tvs, phones, and playing video games is essential.

Traumatic brain injury

It occurs when a blow makes your brain hit against the sides of the skull. Trauma can cause internal bleeding, bruising, bleeding in the brain, and stretching of the nervous system. A common symptom of traumatic brain injury is concussion and loss of conscience, memory loss, vomiting, headaches, confusion, and vision problems. The patient suffering from severe TBI is usually hospitalized for surgery.

Medication management

Many neurological disorders are treated using much medication; thus, it is necessary for a neurologist to make a regular medication appointment to evaluate patient health and the effectiveness of the drug. Patients may be asked to bring their medication to their check up to avoid the risk of medication interaction.

Epilepsy and seizures

Seizure is a sudden burst of electric activities caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Epilepsy is the name of a seizure disorder. Epilepsy causes rigid muscles, staring into space, and loss of muscle tone. The Neurology Center offers EEG monitoring. Diet therapy, neuromodulation therapy, and medical cannabis can be used to treat epilepsy and seizures.

October 27, 2020

Benefits of ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration

Hair loss is as common in Hauppauge, Long Island, as it is in any other part of the country. Luckily, you have many options for hair restoration in Hauppauge.

One of the options you will find at the best hair restoration clinics is ARTAS robotic hair restoration or transplants. The difference between this method and other methods is that a robotic arm mostly conducts the procedure.

However, a qualified surgeon is still present and is in control of the surgery.  It offers the best results of any hair restoration method.

The following are some of the benefits of ARTAS robotic hair transplants:

Faster Recovery

All hair restoration methods use hair grafts from a part with healthy hair and use them on an area with less hair growth. ARTAS robotic hair transplants involve targeting the best of hair grafts.

Since they only use the best grafts, they use fewer samples than other hair transplant techniques. Therefore, your recovery time from the hair transplant will be faster, as fewer areas need recovery.

You will also recover faster from the pain typically experienced in the areas from which the hair grafts are transplanted.

Minimal Scarring

Though a hair transplant will give you more hair, it typically will also leave you with more scars. There will be scarring where the hair is transplanted from and where it is implanted.

Because of human error and limitation, the scars from hair restoration procedures are often large. However, with the robotic appendage’s precision, only a small incision is made, which leaves an almost unrecognizable scar.

Some scars may prevent you from wearing your hair in a certain way with traditional hair transplants. With ARTAS robotic hair transplants, you can wear your hair however you like, since there are no scars.

Permanent Results

One of the biggest fears most people have is undergoing a hair transplant procedure only for the hair loss to occur again. That concern is valid for most traditional hair restoration methods.

However, with ARTAS robotic hair transplants, you can expect the results to last a lifetime. Moreover, you do not need to come back to the clinic for regular maintenance or do anything to support hair growth.

It will take time for your hair to grow and reach its full potential, but it is smooth sailing after that. It may take three months for you to see the results of an ARTAS robotic hair transplant and up to a year to see the full effect, but the wait is worth it.

Uses Natural Hair

Natural hair is distinctly different from synthetic hair, though they may look mostly similar. However, when it comes to hair restoration, you need to use natural hair as often as possible.

Another benefit of ARTAS robotic hair transplants is that they use hair from your body. Therefore, you don’t have to spend money or deal with the consequences of implanting synthetic hair.

When the hair is new, the differences might be minuscule, but the differences between a natural hair transplant and synthetic hair transplant are apparent after a year.

October 27, 2020

Questions To Ask Before Refinishing Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood floor has begun to show signs of aging or if you have moved into a charming old home with flooring that’s looking battered and scratched, you would need to hire professionals for refinishing hardwood floors.

Like any service you opt for, you would have to conduct some research and compare companies. It’s a good idea to start by looking for a credible operator. Check with relatives and friends or even search online for a company that has a professional and reputable presence. You must contact multiple contractors that offer hardwood floor refinishing services before you make your choice.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions you should be asking before hiring a contractor for refinishing hardwood floors:

1. How much experience do you have?

Only an experienced contractor would be skilled and able to maximize the beauty of your hardwood floor.

2. Who will be handling the job?

Many contractors are mostly small businesses. Either the owner will handle the refinishing hardwood floors job himself or will have employees that do the actual work. You must determine how competent the technicians that will be handling the job are.

3. Do you have liability insurance, and are your employees bonded?

Liability insurance helps to protect you if some damage occurs to your home when the job is in progress. If the employees are bonded that will ensure you have protection from theft for the duration of the project.

4. What kind of sandpapers will you be using for refinishing hardwood floors?

A superior refinishing job depends on how knowledgeable the contractor is about the products and techniques used in the sanding process. If poor quality sandpaper is used, it can come apart from the backing and embed itself in the wood. This will create a ‘pebble’ look on the final finish, which is something you don’t want.

5. Would you be able to show us your previous work?

A credible contractor who is proud of their work will be more than happy to provide you with multiple references. They will also encourage you to visit a commercial establishment site to see their workmanship. Sometimes, they may also make arrangements with a previous client for you to visit their home to look at the floors. If a contractor is hesitant to so, that should be a red flag for you.

6. Do You Offer Different Colors?

Not all contractors are equal. Some offer just three to four stain colors, while the more reputable ones will provide a more extensive choice. Sometimes these custom colors also come with a higher price tag, and this is something you need to consider while making that decision. Darker color stains are typically more expensive because the refinishing costs are higher.

7. What type of finish will you apply?

Contractors generally prefer one type of finish over another, so you need to ask them which finish they would be using to make sure that your flooring has adequate protection from the level of wear it will be experiencing.

Refinishing hardwood floors- Other Things to Know

In addition to these things, find out how they will protect your home from the fine dust particles that are generated during the sanding. Ask them whether they will move the heavy appliances and attached fixtures and if that is included in the quote they provide.

Make sure you get an upfront quote with a contract that mentions all inclusions and exclusions. Being systematic and asking these and any other questions that occur to you are the best way to ensure you don’t have to deal with any surprises when the refinishing hardwood floors’ project is in progress.

October 23, 2020

Why Is Network Maintenance Important?

Networking installations are regularly subjected to wear and tear, and wireless networks are not any different. Once wireless network components are compromised as a result of dust, aging, or environmental elements, their performance levels drop significantly.

Carrying out regular wireless network maintenance is the only way to ensure that they continue working without any disruptions. Large scale commercial and industrial properties require extensive inspection and maintenance of their networks.

What Is Network Maintenance? 

The initial stage of network maintenance is to examine the fundamental requirements to ensure that it’s functioning smoothly. The experts will then examine the condition of the networking systems, and then determine which components require further examination.  They will offer you advice on the functional status of these systems, and recommend how you can improve its performance.

Wireless networks run through antennas and routers, and for smooth functioning, they require suitable equipment, techniques, and solutions. There’s a huge misunderstanding that these wireless systems have fewer components, and are subjected to wear and tear significantly less. However, this is incorrect.  Proper wireless network maintenance is critical to ensure that the routers, antennas, and copper or fiber optic lines are functioning optimally.

Wireless Network Maintenance Services – Aspects Covered 

Network installation is complex, which makes the maintenance process complicated as well. This is why the experts follow a systematic approach while carrying out repairs and maintenance of these networks. 

We are highly-experienced in providing wireless network maintenance services and carry out all tasks to the highest standards. Here are a few of the most essential services provided by our skilled technicians:

  • Performing sweep tests for antennas and carrying out necessary replacements.
  • Efficient troubleshooting of Inter-mod.
  • Switch operation assessment and its maintenance.
  • Extensive assessment predicated on a thorough examination of the wireless network in use. A detailed report and a quote of the work to be conducted.
  • T1 testing as required.
  • TRX/TRU installations.
  • BTS/NodeB operation and its maintenance.

Our highly-skilled wireless network maintenance experts are qualified to carry out hardware and software testing, as well as the replacement of hardware components. A reputable and well-established company will always use authentic spare parts to ensure the smooth functioning of the systems.

Importance of Network Maintenance

The issues of maintenance are often cast aside as long as the system is functioning smoothly. Many believe in cutting corners; however, this could prove to be incredibly harmful to wireless systems in the long run. This is why you must consider opting for a maintenance contract. Here’s a look at the importance of wireless network maintenance:

  • Fewer Possibilities Of Breakdowns –Regular maintenance includes regular examination or repairs of the equipment and system. This, in turn, results in fewer possibilities of breakdowns or disruption in the service. 
  • Higher Performance – A few benefits of well-maintained systems include higher performance and advance problem alerts. It also becomes significantly easier to tackle unexpected interruptions in the system. 
  • Cost-Cutting – You significantly reduce long term costs when you carry out regular maintenance. Besides preventing major issues, it also increases the lifespan of your systems. 
  • Constant Upgrades Of The System –Communication technology is rapidly changing, which makes it crucial to upgrade the networking systems. Regular upgrades help in maintaining the performance of the system and improve it if necessary. Well-timed updates can definitely help in boosting the efficiency of networking systems.

However, you must hire a well-established and reputed company to carry out wireless network maintenance services. To ensure that your network systems are in peak form, opt for a company that handles system upgrades and offers emergency services.

October 23, 2020