Sweet puff is a tube of glass which varies in length from about 20cm down to a stumpy 8cm or depending on where it came from. The tube of the sweet puff should curve 90º at the end and terminates in a larger round bulb with an opening usually around 1 cm in diameter. You can buy from sweet puff in Holland Australia at low prices and enjoy your smoke.

Preparing your puff…

As soon you bought your pipe you will want to know how to use it. Firstly, when you have unwrapped the apparatus, it is recommended to give a visual check to ensure there are foreign bodies lodged in either the bulb or stem.



No matter you are the novice or experienced it becomes a contentious issue, how much actually the bulb should be loaded. Though it is completely up to the user, but generally, it is recommended to load 1 of a gram.

A common question asked by the novice users is how to actually transfer the shards to the bulb. This is commonly found in the smallest zip lock bag available and a normal teaspoon doesn’t fit. The best technique is to take a normal plastic drinking straw and cut it in a 45-degree angle and turning it into a very effective scoop that can fit into small spaces.


When you load the shards in the pipe, you can hold it in one hand with the hole pointing upwards and with your other hand you can hold the lit lighter underneath the bulb. Do not allow the hottest part of the flame touch the glass. If you don’t know the hottest part, it is just below the very tip of the flame. You should hold the tip of the flame with at least a 1cm gap between it and the bulb.

Lower is even better but it will take much longer time to vaporize and you will go through your lighters much faster. After ten seconds the bulb should reach the boiling temperature and the ice will start to melt. You can expect an initial ‘fizzing’ sound and you might notice very tiny bubbles appearing as the shards liquify. At this point, vapor should start to appear. Allow this to happen for about 2-3 seconds and the vapor will begin filling the bulb it will also quickly begin to escape through the hole so timing is important here. Before you inhale allow all the shard to liquefy.


When you find sufficient vapor, exhale first and then draw back on the pipe. You should not do it with force as there is zero resistance in the pipe, and if you suck too hard you risk inhaling the heated meth directly which will leave a bad taste and it will not be absorbed correctly which will result in waste. You will still want to be applying heat to the bulb at this point. You can put the pipe in your mouth and gently rotate it so that the bulb rocks back and forth across the flame.

These are few tips and tricks to use your sweet puff, follow the steps and enjoy your smoke. If you searching for quality sweet puffs. You can simply buy at sweet puff in Holland Australia and take pleasure in every whiff you take.