Hosting a Memorable Open House

Many homeowners spend thousands on online advertisements just to get a few leads on potential buyers of their house. However, once you have created a list of your ideal customers, throwing an open house that impresses people can really seal the deal. Of course, you want to stage your home appropriately and serve some nibbles but how can you really make your home stick in people’s minds? Keep reading for the best way to entertain your potential buyers and secure the sale.

Serve a Signature Drink:

You want all your guests to feel comfortable and thought of. To that end, serve a custom cocktail or mock tail to get people talking about how much fun your home can be. Design a drink that evokes the feeling of your environment by using a Monin syrup of your choice. Mix it with a favorite liquor or use soda to create a drink that will charm your guests without intoxicating them.

Keep Your Home Safe:

When welcoming people into your home, you want to ensure that they are safe from any dangers. You want to make your home secure for the people who will live there in the future. Make sure surfaces are level to prevent slip and falls or other injuries that are commonly suffered in the home. You want your guests to feel safe and happy the entire time that they are in your home.


Tailor Your Nibbles to Their Taste:

Serving hors d’oeuvres that cater to any palette is one way to make sure that your open house is memorable. If you are not sure of dietary restrictions or allergies, cover all your bases and serve a meatless option, a gluten-free option and nut-free or whatever you can think of. By catering to the diets of all your guests, you will stick in their minds as a thoughtful and conscientious host.

Take It Live:

No matter how popular your open house is, you still want others to see it. What could be better than showing your home full of other people who are enjoying themselves? Always remember, people want what other people are interested in. A virtual tour of your home can be beneficial for showing leads that live far away and cannot see it in person. Interview your guests to capture on tape what aspects of your home they particularly like. This makes your home more compelling, and a live stream can also make your home more accessible to potential buyers.

Virtually Stage Your House:

We all know the importance of staging a home to sell it, but what if you are torn between the uses for a room? Stage a room as a home office, a nursery or a personal gym and take photos that show it perfectly. You can pass around a device with the photos at your event or offer to email or text the photos to interested parties. Your home will be shown to great effect and potential buyers will see all the things that they can do with your rooms.

Focus on the Differences:

If you have a lot of competition in the housing market, you want to make your home stand out. Do your homework and choose at least three aspects of you home that make it different from the other ones on the market. Does it have larger bedrooms? Is there a fantastic hidden outdoor entertainment area? Shine a light on these and set your home apart. Show the parts of your home that make it unique and see how much interest you can receive.

Compile a List of Answers to Your Guests Frequently Asked Questions:

No matter what questions your guests have, be sure that you can put their minds at ease and put together a list of answers to their questions. Address their biggest concerns such as terms of an HOA, issues that your home faces during extreme weather and anything else that you can think of. It is important to remember, no matter how small an issue might be, it is crucial to provide the answers that your potential buyers might want.

Author: Robin Gupta